Messages from Families Describing Their Experience with Hand in Hand KC (names are not revealed to preserve dignity):

“Thank you so much for helping our family this Christmas.  You generously gave us a large bag of presents that we pretended came from Santa and his elves. As the kids opened boxes of new winter coats, shoes, clothes and toys it became apparent that the Hand in Hand elves had listened to my concerns as a parent, as well as payed attention to what my kids liked. The kids were so surprised to receive their gifts but even more surprised at the family gifts!  See, we had been  buying one towel a month to try and build up our collection. We were so surprised to open a box full of soft, plush towels, hand towels and facial clothes in our bathroom color! The throw blanket we received had one black and one yellow lab pups on it just like our dogs. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or someone paying close attention but either way we felt completely blessed and grateful.”

“Hand in Hand has done amazing things for my family. The first year we had a fire and were living in a hotel and had lost quite a bit. This organization stepped up and help us be able to provide a Christmas for our 3 boys. We have used them again last year and this year. They once again stepped up and helped my family during our time of need. I have some major health issues and had to quit working and been in out of the hospital and they once again provided a wonderful Christmas for my kids. I think this program is absolutely amazing and one of the best things ever and glad to have the help and be able to provide my kids with a Christmas that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.”